Current State of Biking in Bloomington

Biking in Bloomington is generally easy if you are riding downtown. But infrastructure changes would encourage more people to ditch the cars and dust off the old bike.

We do have segregated bike lanes, but they are only segregated by a line (which, in my experience, cars may or may not mind). And we only have two--one on Lincoln Street and one on Washington Street. There are "shared" bike lanes on the two busiest roads in Bloomington--College and Walnut--but I have noticed little sharing on the part of the automobile.

This is the bike lane on Washington:

I'm not sure of the numbers of people who at present commute to work, but, as I live on one of the two bike lanes in Bloomington, I would say it is not great. On a given morning, about ten people might ride by on their way to work (sometimes in chic suits):

But I usually see others downtown:

This is parking at city hall:

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